Sunday, July 22, 2007


A balanced development of human spirituality is able to be portrayed as a living seed which fertilizes the entire value of Muslims' devotion towards the Creator. Clarifying on this matter, it is apparent that mosques are amongst the most important aspects in a Muslim's life. The significance of mosques has been revealed by Allah as something which is very important since the existence of human race on earth. Allah clarifies this in Ali Imran (3:96) denoting that mosques are the earliest construction made to fulfill human devotion rights towards Allah.

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) further explained the importance of mosques to us by constructing the Quba Mosque. The mosque was built as soon as the prophet reached Madinah's periphery on his emigrate (Hirah) journey. Prospering a mosque is a sign of piousness of a Muslim towards the Creator. This is clearly mentioned by Allah in At-Taubah (9:8) : "For those who prosper the mosques, they are indeed people who surrender in faith to Allah and the hereafter."

A mosque is a symbol of educational institution, mental and physical development, gregariousness and nationalism of a Muslim. In other words, an Islamic country can be formed by the union of Muslims with the jamaah. Due to that, today's Muslim community must perceive further on the significance of mosques as an institution and furthermore initiate in its prosperity. A mosque's function is not solely for praying but is inclusive of the veins and heartbeats of its followers. If we observe the mosque in a narrow perception, as if it is just a prayer's place, it is worried that future generations would have an idea that Islam is just merely prayers, whereas Islam is actually life itself as a whole, inclusive of all aspects of it.

The sophistication of a mosque doesn't root from the glitter of its lighting and the profound construction, but it can be remarkable and magnificent if it is prospered with good deeds (ibadah) and all Muslims' activities in it. To turn this into reality all of us must give and make time to be present at the mosque.

We don't need to wait for a free time before making the decision to attend the mosque. Time is of essence and it passes by, leaving us and will never return. Therefore the need to squeeze some time in attending the mosque is compulsory, parallel to the time we allot to other obligations. This is to be done without discrimination towards personal and educational background, skin colour, race and language because Islam is meant for all human race. We are not obliged to be at the mosque at all times, but the priority in prospering it should exist in our daily life schedule.

Among things which could be done by all Muslims from around the world is to turn a mosque into a "One Stop Centre", where Muslim community will be able to receive benefits from it. We can build budget hotels to cater the needs of stopping-by travelers without discriminating on their race and religion. Other than that we can build up grocery shops, textile and clothing boutiques, laundry services, automotive workshops, petrol pump stations and many others. The running of all these businesses should be based totally on Islamic philosophy and teachings from the organization, financial, administration and other aspects.

All of them should be open 24 hours per day due to their significance towards the humanity. If we look at mosques as equal in importance as all of our other needs, the mosque is definitely going to be prosper and beautiful. When we transfer the mosque into a "One Stop Centre" indirectly our lives will be surrounded by the institution of mosques. This will attach us to the mosque and seal us a closer relationship with Allah

Everyone should be brought along to the mosque and perform all the practices and customs of the mosques, which some of us are never even aware of it before. Prayers and mosques educate us to co-operate without discriminating social standards, learn to admonish faulty leaders and adhere to rightful leaders, appreciate cleanliness, being humble, punctual and others.

After fulfilling the obligation towards prospering the mosque, we are further obliged to continue our daily jobs to earn a living which has been given by Allah on earth. The initiative to prosper the mosque should not be perceived lightly by us. It is meant to return the glorious moment of Muslims worldwide. Islam does not put aside non-Muslims needs, in fact it is done hand-in-hand. That's the best way to describe it. We will continue being as 'bubbles in the ocean' if we continue putting a distance away from the mosque.

Mosque is a source of human integrity. The Quranic versus should be practiced and not just displayed for theory purposes. To make this happen into reality, we must prosper all mosques that are within our reach. All members in the community should make this into realization within their personal capacity. Without co-operation from all, this idea will just be a fruitless discussion. Therefore we must initiate it into our real lives so that we would be able to develop the Muslim community in all aspects of life. Due to this, a minimum of 2 hours daily should be allotted to attend the mosque, for the purpose of praying with jamaah and building a social relationship within the community.

This proposal is open to all Muslims from all over the world. The utmost important criteria is "Lailahaillallah" in every Muslim hearts. Burning passion and resolution should be marked into the hearts of every Muslim souls worldwide and to be put into realization with actual physical movement.

With Allah's blessings, apart from our own initiatives, hopefully this proposal is able to be realized by all Muslim on earth.

For those who happened to read this note, please open up your mind, give a thought to its righteousness, seek for Allah's guidance and perform it without any procrastination. It is hoped that all of us would be blessed by Allah now and hereafter.


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